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Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa
Disconnect from routine and stress
Since Roman times, water has been used to treat several illnesses and specially to obtain calm and relaxation. In fact, some theories state that the etymological origin of the word Spa is the roman acronym “Salutem Per Aqua” or “health through water”.

At Hotel Sant Pere del Bosc & Spa we want you to benefit from the water in all its versions. In our saltwater swimming pools you will get the benefits of the optimal level of salt and iodine, which has invigorating proprieties and avoids the aggressive effects of the chemical products in the skin.

In addition, the hotel has a thermal circuit, a Hamman, a massage room, Ayurveda therapies and a meditation area.
Swimming pool and thermal circuit
The indoor swimming pool and the thermal circuit have multiple features, such as cervical and lumbar massage jets or waterfalls. The most special characteristic of these facilities is the use of seawater, with similar characteristics to the Mediterranean Sea, and with invigorating and restorative properties for the skin.

This kind of water counterbalances the effect of the chemical products and pollution that aggresses the skin every day.
Massage room
As a complement for the thermal waters, we also offer you a Vichy room, with traditional massages and a beauty salon with hairdresser, feet treatments, manicure, pedicure and other esthetical services.

Click here to check all the massages and treatments.
Ayurveda room
Ayurveda medicine has its origins in India more than 5.000 years ago, with the main proposition that body and mind are inseparable. In practice, this kind of treatments aims to balance your body in order to keep your health physically and mentally. For that reason, Ayurveda medicine is based in nutrition, healthy habits and, of course, massages.

These special massages work on Marma points, in the vital areas of your body, in order to relieve stress and boost your natural defences. Ask our specialized staff to know which kind of therapies can help you find a balance.
“La Cova”
Rest is not only physical, and do we have prepared a mediation area where our guests can relax their minds.

La Cova is specially designed so that you can abandon your daily worries and balance your energies in just a few minutes a day, making your mind rest too.
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